Avis d’appel à candidatures Formation DIES

Juillet 2018 
Appel à candidature pour un cours en ligne pour le renforcement des capacités des professeurs qui supervisent des doctorants.
Le cours est fait en anglais, mais ouvert pour tout l’Afrique.


It is widely accepted that there is growing need for more African scholars and scientists to contribute to innovation and development on the African continent and to enhance Africa’s participation in the knowledge economy. We have also witnessed, in recent years, huge increases in the numbers of doctoral enrolments and graduates at many African universities. As a result, the demand for well-prepared doctoral supervisors has increased to the same degree.

In order to meet this new and growing demand for doctoral supervisors, CREST at Stellenbosch University has developed, with financial support from DAAD, a fully online course especially targeting novice doctoral supervisors.  The course will address important topics such as the nature of the doctorate, models of supervision, the relationship between the doctoral candidate and the supervisor, the guidance that the supervisor has to give to a doctoral candidate throughout the doctoral process and more. Successful participants will receive a Certificate of Competence issued by Stellenbosch University.

More details on the course (outcomes, contents, admission, application procedures, fees, etc.) are available on the CREST web site (click on http://www0.sun.ac.za/crest/dies-crest-online-training-course/ ).

We would appreciate it if you would circulate this letter to colleagues at your institution who may be interested in enrolling for this course.